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  • srob6501 commented on We Want To Know Which Movies Or TV Shows Got Queer Couples Right, And Which Ones Did Them Dirty

    Glee kinda of fucked up with their gay/ lesbian rep, not only were almost all of the relationships toxic at some point, they had pretty much every gay character dating each other, plus, stereotypes much? Jesus.

  • srob6501 commented on Which TV Characters Made You Realize You Were Queer?

    Ricki from “H2O: Just Add Water”, ugh her femme/butch vibes had my closeted ass QUAKING

  • srob6501 commented on People Have Been Experiencing Weird Quarantine Dreams — Have You?

    I literally dreamt I went to the grocery store and spent a frustrating amount of time wandering it because it didn’t have anything I needed.

  • srob6501 commented on What Are Your Unpopular Oscar-Nominated Movie Opinions?

    All of “Jokers” wins were because of the hype, it wasn’t better than a lot of the movies it beat.

  • srob6501 commented on What Are Your Favorite Feel-Good Shows And Movies To Watch When You’re Feeling Stressed?

    Markiplier videos are always my favorite pick-me-ups, especially the ones where he’s playing games with friends. The funny banter and interesting games make for a great mood lifter.

  • srob6501 commented on What’s The Most Unrealistic Makeup Moment From A TV Show Or Movie?

    Not sure if this counts but when women look perfect in apocalypse settings, like every women wouldn’t have bag under eyes, hella dull skin, and chapped fucking lips.

  • srob6501 commented on If You’re A Professional Baker, Tell Us How To Make A Cake The Right Way

    I work in a bakery, and even though I don’t make the cakes we sell, I observe their construction very often. The biggest thing I’ve learned that has greatly increased the quality of my own cakes is that bench scrapers, frosting spatulas, and crumb layers are key. They all help with


  • srob6501 commented on What Was The Biggest Waste Of Money At Your Wedding?

    I work in a local bakery, so I’m pretty familiar with cakes and weddings. Big wedding cakes look really pretty, but at the end of the day, they are a much bigger hassle than they’re worth. Often they serve way more people than you plan on having at the wedding and as you add more


  • srob6501 commented on What’s The Most Messed Up Thing You Were Taught In Sex Ed?

    We were shown a video from the 90’s of an old white guys telling horror stories about abortion and abusive relationships to convince us to wait until marriage to have sex. It was horrifying as a 14 year old who’s genuinely curious about sex only to be told if I have it before I’m


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