Srebrenica tension rises as Bosnian Muslims snub vote

"Два самых важных дня в твоей жизни: день, когда ты появился на свет, и день, когда понял, зачем." Марк Твен ZMEY
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Parties representing Bosnia’s Muslim community in Srebrenica, the eastern town where they faced genocide in the 1990s, are vowing to boycott local elections Sunday as political tensions soar. Sunday’s vote is a repeat election after local authorities said the original vote in November, won by ethnic Serb parties, was marred by fraud. Srebrenica Mayor Mladen Grujicic, an ethnic Serb in power since 2016, won around 70 percent of the ballots in the first vote. But the result was scrapped after authorities found irregularities such as a person voting several times with different identity documents…

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