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"Не относитесь к жизни слишком серьезно. Живым вам из нее все равно не выбраться." О. Уайлд ZM
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Can someone explain to me how a bunch of black people looting and stealing helps to protest criminalisation of black people

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Because if changes aren’t made this will continue. You mad? Good.

The only change that will happen is the releasing of the military to squash once for all the violent criminals present in the protests. Cant wait

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Criminal in the White House loser

Except the part where he murdered 10 million in the holocaust but your right Trump is actually Hitler.

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Were up to 100k give him time, he’ll get to millions if he could. He’s just kinda slow since he’s so fat and retarded.

I call it Bananaheim because of Gwen Stefani

THATS a supreme race? Yikes.

Yeah honestly if you see an overhead view, it’s pretty obvious that the cops were severely outnumbered. There was no way they could cover all of Santa Monica.

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Well they could have if they didn’t concentrate every officer to stand in a line to intimidate the peaceful protestors.

One of the best title songs in movie history.

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