Sorry, If You’re Under 40 There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Quiz

"Вы себе не принадлежите, поскольку вам не принадлежит ваше внимание." Вадим Зеланд ZM
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  1. Starting the engine manually

  2. To shift a car into a different gear

  3. It operated the window wipers

    It popped open the gas tank

    It brightened the headlights

  4. That’s what car batteries looked like

    An old cigarette case holder

    That added a scent to the A/C air

  5. Tape for an audio recorder

  6. To remove blemishes from the record

    To spin on top of the record

    Stop record from skipping


The question about the penny and the record player originally had two answers that were both technically right. But, and hear me out for a second, what if the real penny and record player is the friends we made along the way? Just something to think about.

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