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"Перед тем как карабкаться на лестницу успеха, убедитесь, что она прислонена к стене того здания, что вам нужно." Стивен Кови ZM
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Hello, friends! We have a fun new feature on BuzzFeed called Boopable Animals, where you can virtually pet cute critters!

All animals deserve extra love and attention, so we wanted to give you the chance to pet and boop these furry friends through your computer screen. You can tap their pictures as many times as you want to give ’em love!

So, do you want to make your pet a BuzzFeed star? Send us pictures of them and we may put them in a future Boopable Animals post!

Maybe your dog looks like an Ewok and you think she deserves all the pets in the galaxy!

Or maybe you just adopted a kitten and want to show her off to the world.

Perhaps your floofy guinea pig wants a chance in the spotlight.

Whether your pet is floofy, feathered, or covered in scales, we want to pet it! So, send us pictures of your cute critters!

Submit a picture of your pet in the Dropbox below, along with their name, age, location, and a brief bio about them and they could be featured on a future BuzzFeed Community Boop-able Animals post!

Note: We’d prefer the image to be vertical, if possible!

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Мысль на память: Скорее наймут человека с энтузиазмом, чем того, который все знает.


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