"Ни разу не упасть — не самая большая заслуга в жизни. Главное каждый раз подниматься." Нельсон Мандела ZM
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  • sheistheslayer commented on Only Someone Who’s Seen «The Mummy» A Billion Times Will Pass This Character Quiz

    @deew43e5fb41b all of the white actors whose faces are painted brown. All you have to do is take a look at the characters in the quiz. Egyptians aren’t white.

  • sheistheslayer commented on Only Someone Who’s Seen «The Mummy» A Billion Times Will Pass This Character Quiz

    …This movie has SO much blackface. This isn’t the time.

  • sheistheslayer commented on 17 Times When Black Characters In Movie And TV Were Simply Happy

    Speaking in terms of competitive cheer, the Clovers’ routine was better. It was much more focused on actual stunt work and on cheer skills, not so much on dancing. The Toros’ routine was good, but it was very much focused on dancing, and actual cheer judges don’t usually score routines


  • sheistheslayer commented on Here’s What Rubber Bullets Actually Look Like And It’s Pretty Upsetting

    Rubber bullets can kill people, especially with how police use them. You are not supposed to fire directly with them, and instead aim them at the ground to bounce off to minimize physical damage. They are potentially very deadly, especially with how police are using them right now.


  • sheistheslayer commented on 26 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe

    That Hugh Hefner thing is so disgusting. He was such an awful creep. It’s so appalling that she couldn’t be simply given peace, even in her death, that she still had to be some object for Hefner and his ilk.

  • sheistheslayer commented on Australians Are Pissed After An Aussie Reporter’s «Ignorant» Comments At The US Black Lives Matter Protests

    The people who decided that were the ones carrying out those acts of violence against black people. Study your history.

  • sheistheslayer commented on 21 Outfits From «The O.C.» That Are So 2000s It Actually Hurts

    Exactly, I would wear that. Maybe with a different top but it’s so cute.

  • sheistheslayer commented on Halsey Protested In Los Angeles Yesterday And Has A Message For Fans Who Asked For Selfies

    @sophiarias funny how that is literally the exact reason why people are protesting.

  • sheistheslayer commented on 21 Celebrities Who Participated In The George Floyd Protests

    Shut the fuck up, homophobe. You constantly show your ass and your hateful self on these articles.

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