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"Счастья не становится меньше, когда им делишься." Будда ZM
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  • Quiz: Are You Going To Be In My Quarantine Circle?

    The sun is out and the lockdowns are beginning to lift. But who is really worth the risk?

  • The First Book About The Coronavirus Is Here, And It’s Terrible

    The famous philosopher Slavoj Žižek’s Pandemic! COVID-19 Shakes the World ranges from riffs on Julian Assange to a startlingly bad take on what happened in Wuhan. He probably should have sat this one out.

  • People Are Challenging The Coronavirus To Fight On Twitter

    The long-dormant @coronavirus account has been catching a lot of grief this week.

  • Five Laid-Off Baristas At Slack’s Coronavirus-Closed Offices Will Receive Extra Pay

    A GoFundMe for the laid-off workers has raised more than $15,000, in addition to concessions from their employer.

  • Apple Said It Is Helping In The Pensacola Shooting Investigation, But It Won’t Unlock The Shooter’s iPhones

    «We reject the characterization that Apple has not provided substantive assistance in the Pensacola investigation,» the company said in a statement.

  • San Francisco Spent A Decade Being Rich, Important, And Hating Itself.

    During an unprecedented tech boom, the Bay Area asked itself who its real enemies were — and nobody liked the answers.

  • 21 Things BuzzFeed News Tried And Loved In 2019

    Some of these things may change your life. Or not.

  • A nova GoPro é realmente fantástica! Mas mesmo assim eu não vou comprá-la.

    Será que eu, que me aventuro no máximo a fazer uma caminhadinha matinal, encontraria algum uso para uma GoPro?

  • Facebook’s «I Voted» Button Could Be Trump’s Secret Turnout Weapon In 2020

    As leaked audio shows Mark Zuckerberg worrying about Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the site’s “I Voted” button could help tip the election for the president or another candidate.

  • The New GoPro Is Pretty Cool! But I Still Won’t Buy One.

    Could I, a brisk walker at best, find some use for a GoPro?