Sam Mellinger: Super Bowl LV did not ‘expose’ the Chiefs. But it did re-enforce their most urgent need.

"Не все эгоисты талантливы, но все талантливые люди — эгоисты." Всеволод Михальцев ©

The Chiefs lost the Super Bowl at the line of scrimmage. Football is rarely this simple, and even here we can get into the weeds about dropped passes, mental mistakes, a few bad calls and a lack of emotional discipline. But, mostly, the Chiefs lost to — got blown out by — the Bucs in Super Bowl LV because they could not pressure Tom Brady and they could not keep the Bucs from pressuring Patrick Mahomes. At least for now we will focus on the Chiefs’ blocking. This team will rise and fall with Mahomes, who has shown he will rise if given even a decent amount of time. The Chiefs’ inability to pro…

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