Ryan Brooks

"Каждый хочет изменить человечество, но никто не задумывается о том, как изменить себя." Лев Толстой ZM
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  • Did You Get A Letter From Trump About Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check? Tell Us What You Think.

    We want to know if the coronavirus stimulus check, and a letter about it from the president, changed how you think about Trump and the government.

  • The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Put Gen Z And Young Millennials’ Lives On Hold

    During our lifetimes, the US has always felt like it was in crisis. I talked with nine young millennials and Gen Z’ers about what the coronavirus pandemic means for their futures.

  • じゃれ合いから一転、飼い主を「食べ始めた」2頭の犬 飼い主の女性は死亡


  • Where Is Joe Biden? Online, Being Drowned Out By The Coronavirus And Trump

    The presidential campaign is now almost completely digital, a space where Biden has long lagged and Trump has flourished.

  • “The Most Immoral, Unethical Thing I’ve Ever Seen In My 15 Years Of Politics” — Inside A Small City Mayor’s Campaign For President

    Wayne Messam’s unlikely 2020 campaign has been chaotic from the start. “It’s like we were in some D-list version of The Sopranos.”

  • «A Beautiful Chorus» ⁠— Leftists Are Using TikTok To Break Down Socialism For The Next Generation Of Voters

    “I want people to get a fuller story of the political situation that’s out there, and jokes and memes have always left me in a place where I’m like, ‘Oh, that made me laugh,’ and then, ‘Why did that make me laugh? Let me investigate what this thing’s about.’”

  • Black Voters Get That Bernie Marched With MLK. They Want To Know What He’ll Do For Them Now.

    “It’s been several years that this critique has been raised, and it feels dismissive of our experiences when it doesn’t matter what specific question is being asked — when the go-to answer has become, ‘I marched with King.’”