RuPaul Wore A Mask During Last Night’s «RuPaul’s Drag Race» Reunion Episode And Of Course The Internet Had Some Funny Reactions To That

"Знания недостаточно, необходимо применение. Желания недостаточно, необходимо действие." Брюс Ли ZM
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Last night was the much-anticipated reunion episode for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12, which also happened to be the first episode of this season to be filmed after quarantine started.

World of Wonder/ VH1

And because of it, the episode was filmed with all the queens at their homes and themed as a sleepover.

World of Wonder/ VH1

Now, I figured (because of the theme) that Mama Ru wouldn’t be going all out and would probably show up to the taping looking like this:

World of Wonder/ VH1

And while Ru was technically wearing a mask, it wasn’t exactly the type of mask I was expecting. In fact, he came on wearing what appeared to be some sorta latex mask and an old American Apparel hoodie.

Of course, the internet had thoughts on that and here are some of the best reactions to Ru’s reunion look:


Why is RuPaul up in here looking like a villain from some low-budget kid’s show? #dragrace


RuPaul has to have a professional set up for this, and decided to still wear that outfit. #DragRace


Could Ru have at least thrown on a custom Klein Epstein & Parker suit, really cba with this effort #DragRace

Well, however you feel about the mask, we all know that somewhere right now Valentina is feeling her RuDemption.

World of Wonder/ VH1

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