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As far as I’m aware Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium charge both sides (employee and employer) of the statutory social security pension if you are a freelancer. Are there countries that don’t make this a requirement? It is crippling having to pay out upwards of 19% of your income into a state pension.

I am planning to travel to Mexico City next weekend and stay for 7-10 days there. I wonder if cafes, stores and other places like these work? And if cafes work, do they work as usual or only for take away&delivery? Will be very thankful if someone can help here.

by @viktor |  | 

Winter is coming and I’m feeling the ache of travelling after being stuck in the same place since the Pandemic started. Wondering if anyone is travelling right now? If so, where are you currently located and how is the situation where you are?

Hi, we are trying to find a house to rent for 2-3 persons near Las Palmas for 4-5 months at the moment and it seems to be almost impossible except through Airbnb which is super expensive. Any advises or local contacts?

Hello, everyone!

My idea is to stay as low as 6 months and as long as a year (maybe, who knows) over Lisbon after doing some analysis from many cities in Europe.

I’m an Argentinian and Chilean (both nationalities) so… no Euro-pass for me (getting my Italian nationality could take 2 years easily). I’m also a remote worker and I have a really good income (I work for a Silicon Valley company) so I can show more than enough resources to stay in the country.

Everything I see online doesn’t inspire me much confidence (most sites looks a bit scammy) and this is not a «vacation stay»… I want to be clear my head far away from Argentina right now. If someone has a good website, recommendations, etc I will super appreciate.

Thanks in advance!

I’m preparing my Portuguese D7 long-term visa application and one of the required documents is proof of travel insurance with medical coverage. However, as an Australian citizen, if put that as my country of residence in many travel insurance companies’ quick quote forms, I’m unable to get ANY insurance coverage at all because of the current travel ban out of Australia, and the Australian govt’s ‘Do Not Travel’ advice to ALL countries. I know that Aussies are applying for, and successfully getting visas from the Portuguese Consulate here, so where and how are they fulfilling this insurance requirement if insurers aren’t selling any coverage? Does anybody know or have any ideas?

I am new to working out of coworking spaces. My business entails a lot of video conferences. I haven’t chosen a specific coworking space yet but generally, what are the potential solutions for this? I have a microphone and headphones but still fell like it may be inconsiderate to take the calls anywhere in the coworking space. For a solo person, what are some general solutions? Are there usually options to rent a private room by the hour with just enough room to set up my microphone and laptop? Sidenote: any coworking space recommendations in Florianapolis, Brazil would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I have two passports from different countries and am trying to understand where can I travel now. Is there a publicly available map of countries open for visitors by passport country that I can use to see what are my options? I was pretty sure such a thing should exist, but cannot easily find any.

Maybe at least there’re maps for specific passports? Mine are Russian and American.

If there’s no such thing, I’d be down to build one, let me know if interested to collaborate 🙂

Hi guys,

After the Netherlands, the Bay Area, Colorado and being on the van life for 8 months, I am now in Sedona, AZ with a few other digital nomads. We are sharing a home here and are wondering if there are more like minded people in the area.

We do a bunch of hikes and campouts in the northern of Arizona. If you would like to connect with us, please do so 🙂


Hi there, title says it all. Canadian nomad hoping to find the city/town in Portugal with great, consistent surfing, a solid coworking spot, and a fun group of young nomads. Please recommend!

Hey Nomads, would love to know any thoughts here.

Top of the list are currently Tenerife, Lagos/Ericeira (Portugal) & Malta??

Would love to know if anyone can vouch for these at this time of year.

Beautiful beach would be the dream. Basically European Bali! I’m sure something many of us are searching for.

Thanks a million. Much love.


Does anyone ever travel to any Islands like Bermuda, Barbados, Barbuda and St. Kitts & Nevis?

by @eljaques |  | 

I’m in need of a tax advisor who understands «our» typical situation. I’m all good on being legal on taxes at this point, but as I’m doing more investing and there’s more compliance and KYC and such, it’s getting more complicated to deal with this topic. Not living in my country of citizenship, company in another country, resident in yet another country, banking in a different country … you know how it is, a pile of red flags.

Would be great to find a good tax advisor to sort things in a way that makes my situation as «explainable» and easily dealt with as possible. Any leads?

Hi all, my husband and I have been living in Bulgaria for the past month and were hoping to travel to Greece next. Have any UK nationals entered Greece lately? I believe that anyone entering Greece requires a negative COVID test 72 hours before travel — is this what they are requiring at the borders please? (Reason we ask is for Bulgaria we filled out forms but weren’t asked for them) Thanks.

Hi all, my husband and I have been living in Bulgaria for the past month and were considering Turkey next! Have any UK nationals entered Turkey lately? I believe that anyone entering Turkey will undergo health screening and if they show symptoms they need to get medical treatement, did this happen for you? Reason we ask is for Bulgaria we filled out forms but weren’t asked for them) Thanks.

I will be traveling/working through Mexico with my dog February to April. My plan is to stay in Sayulita for about 2-4 weeks, then travel south along the cost.

Is there anyone who wants to share an airbnb apartment? I was thinking of renting a private villa, but because these are large and have multiple rooms, I was wondering if there are fellow nomads wanting to share? I’m open to other locations as well (Puerto Vallerta, Oaxaca, and everything in between these two locations.

Hi, I’ve got a question to anyone who had experience with the digital nomad lifestyle. I’m 24, I’m in my last year of university doing computer science, got 3 years of experience mostly doing web development.

I never liked the idea of staying in one place, getting a job and growing roots — hence the will to take the opportunity and travel the world. My main question is – how do I go about it? Are there any useful resources I could look into?

How do I go about insurance and such once I decide to move. I currently live in Switzerland and do freelance work for one company. It’s not a lot, since my studies don’t allow me to pick up a full time job, but it allows me to cover simple expenses.

I’d be happy to get some insight into how things work and also happy to network with anyone interested.

by @beloruchka |  | 

I’m looking for any recommendations for services or people others have used to get answers on the best place to set up their businesses based on their personal circumstances.

Leaning towards Singapore after a ton of research, but would really like some concrete advice before jumping in.

Appreciate it!

How to learn a language without taking a formal class, while traveling in different countries?

What advice can you give me?

Hey, hope everyone is well!

We’re leaving in a month to go travelling. Our first destination is still to be confirmed, but will likely be Poland or Slovakia. We will be moving around every month or two to different destinations.

The question we have is: what do people do with phones/ phone numbers when hopping from country to country? Ideally we’d just like one number for the whole trip (even better, the number we already have) wherever we go, rather than getting new SIMs with different numbers.

This is just so it’s easier to keep in contact with family/ clients/ etc.

All I see is section to add trips, but I reside here. Home and all.

by @davda1546 |  | 

Hi guys, wonder if you can help. I’m from the UK, and my husband and I are looking to go across Europe this coming year.

What’s the best solution you’ve found re having all your post sent to you? I’ve found a site online that will set up a street address in the UK for you and scan in post to your email address, just wondering if you’ve found any other ways?

We’ve set up paperless statements, which has helped but with things like mortgages, official docs etc — how have you got around it?

Thanks so much!

in France by @amin |  | 

I’m thinking to head over to France during the winter and I’m looking for recommendations on a good French town that has beach and is warm enough during the winter.

What are your favourites? Any recommendation is appreciated.

by @berberos |  | 

Hi guys ! hope you are doing well.

I would love to get your feedback regarding the best insurance for digital nomads. i’m traveling around Asia since 1 year and for next 4 or 5 years. Would love to buy an insurance to cover especially :

— health

— laptop, phone …

— Flights

in Croatia by @ld |  | 

Hello, we are US citizens that have been able to stay in Italy past our standard visa stay due to covid. Now we must leave. We want to drive to Croatia as our “out of EU” stay. But I’m now wondering what considerations I need to take care of for my visa. I won’t go through an airport and get my passport stamped. But I assume I need to get my passport stamped as a way to prove I’m out of the EU.

Anyone else travel in and out of Schengen zone via car? Or know what I should do to properly handle the visa situation? I get unclear answers online. Hmm.

Appreciate your help!

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