Reformation’s New Non-Medical Face Masks Are Both Cute And Super Handy

"Чтобы жить счастливо, я должен быть в согласии с миром. А это ведь и значит «быть счастливым»." Людвиг Витгенштейн ZM
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The masks are $25 for five right now, and ship for free.

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By now you’ve probably seen the CDC’s new guidelines recommending people wear non-medical face coverings in public.


They don’t have to be anything fancy — the primary functions are that they are breathable, cover your nose and mouth, and are tight enough that they don’t leave loose space for droplets to escape. Ideally, face coverings will also be multi-layered — and even *better*, could include a pocket for a filter. But any kind of face covering is better than not having one. You can check out BuzzFeed’s guide to the CDC’s new face covering recommendations, which include answers to all your burning mask questions as well as tutorials for how to make your own!

As a result, lots of retailers have started offering non-medical face mask options — including Reformation, which is offering free shipping on sets of five non-medical face masks for $25 each.


Not only is shipping free, but it’s pretty darn fast — I ordered my set April 17, and they arrived on April 24, which was a relief considering a lot of major retailers who have pivoted to making masks are experiencing back orders up to mid-June.

A fun lil’ twist is when you order, you’re getting a ~surprise~ fabric — you might end up with all five masks in the same print (like I did), or end up with a whole bunch of mismatched prints.

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed, Reformation

At least some of the fabrics used are from their actual line; being a flawless internet sleuth (read: Googling the words «navy floral Reformation»), I have unmasked that my masks were made with the same material behind Reformation’s Rosehip Dress in the Yolanda print currently retailing for $248. This is the fanciest my face has ever felt.

You’ve probably seen a lot of masks made with elastic that goes around your ears, but these masks are made with tie strings. TBH, I dig it — you can more of a secure, personalized fit, so you don’t have to adjust it while you’re walking. (I personally have had issues with masks «drooping» a bit, if anyone can relate.)

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Also, as someone who is planning to come out of quarantine with hair so long and majestic it will make Timothée Chalamet weep, I’m into the fabric on these (a viscose and rayon blend). If you accidentally tie your hair into the strings, the fabric blend is tight enough for the knot to hold, but slippery enough for you to pull your hair out of it without damaging it at all.

It’s also nice and cool on your face — double-layered for protection, but not so thick that it isn’t breathable, which I appreciate as someone who takes to the streets very early in the morning like an ’80s-era mall walker.

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

(They’re also quite stylish, and I am quite vain!!! I’m just a girl standing 6 feet away from everybody, asking them to notice that she is still cute.)

Notably, though, these are machine washable (just make sure to tumble dry low), so you can reuse them.


Hence why it’s nice to get five in a pack — a little easier to rotate them if you don’t have a dryer and are waiting for them to air out.

The only caveat is that these aren’t made with a pocket for a filter, the way some masks are; that said, you could easily pair it on top of a filter for extra coverage.

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

As evidenced by this picture of me that somehow managed to capture a bunch of sunbeams in the window, did I mention I am vain?

But in terms of getting your money’s worth, you couldn’t ~mask~ for a better deal (sorry). I have been all over the internet looking at mask options the past few weeks, and for a basic, non-medical face covering that gets the job done, this $5 price point — on top of the free shipping — gets you the most bang for your buck.


Forever 21 was offering them at the same price point, but they’ve been selling out. Other popular mask covers, like LookHuman and Zazzle, are more in the $13 per mask range, and you have to pay for shipping on top of that.

Mask responsibly, y’all! And don’t forget — masking is not an excuse to ease up on social distancing.


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