Recycling Clothes in Tokyo

"Если вам предлагают место в ракетоносителе, не спрашивайте, что за место! Просто займите его." Шерил Сэндберг ©

Whether you’re doing the traditional New Year’s oosoji (“big cleaning”) or getting ready for a move, here are a few ways to make some space and keep your used clothes out of the incinerator. Until relatively recently, used clothes in Japan have had one fate: burnable garbage. If you’re from a country with a collection bin and a few secondhand shops in every neighborhood, this just feels wrong. Some people take suitcases full of cast-offs back home rather than throw them out. Happily, the Japanese concept of mottainai (avoiding wastefulness) is catching on and leading to more options. Sell it!D…

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