Ready To Wait

"Я уверен: нельзя позволять, чтобы тебя остановило убогое словцо «нельзя»." Ричард Брэнсон ©

Psalm 51:1–12; Isaiah 30:15–18; Hebrews 4:1–13 This passage from Isaiah was written for me. It sounds like my life. “Lord, help me figure this out.” “Wait.” “Argh! It’s too much! I’ve got to do something!” “Wait.” “I can’t wait! It’s too much!” [time passes] “Well, THAT was a stupid decision.” “I did say, wait.” I’m sure it’s just me. I’m certain that God has never told you to wait, and then wait some more. I’m the only one. Right? This, of course, is not to direct waiting at all times and in all places, but only when God says to. Then God adds the hard part, waiting in quietness (i.e., trust)…

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