"Единственное счастье в жизни — это постоянное стремление вперед." Эмиль Золя ZM
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  • rbrynielson commented on LGBTQ People, Tell Us The Unique Way You Met Your Significant Other

    I met my boyfriend at an LGBTQ+ group for Christians. It was my first time there, and we were having a game night. He got himself on my team and made sure we won so I’d be impressed. We hung out a few times and then decided to make things official. We just celebrated our 6-month anniversary.


  • rbrynielson commented on How Gay Will You Be In 2020?

    Look it up. She’s been a sort of «unofficial» gay icon for a long time. Because of the time period she was alive in- it wasn’t something that was announced or talked about publicly. She was somewhat like Lady Gaga- in that she knows who a large portion of her listeners/fans are, (the


  • rbrynielson commented on The Decade Is Almost Over, So Show Us Your 2010s Glow-Up

    Not sure how much of a «glow-up» it is… But here’s me as an awkward Junior in high school, pretending to be a straight theater geek- to now as an out and proud gay man who is finally starting to figure out what I really want in life.

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