r/Watches — [HELP] to find a watch with green dial as perfect bday gift to my wife..

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Ladies and Gents of r/watch I urgent need your help in choosing the watch as a birthday gift to my wife. Long story short — she wants something with a green dial in her collection and is eyeing on Gucci G-Timeless Green (the one with bee). I know that Gucci watches are just a fashion thing furthermore, she already has one so I’m trying my best to find something alternative within the brands that have at least some horology history. If my budget was limitless I would not have second thoughts and would go with Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite (what a beauty!!)

BUT, my budget is limited around [1K with max 2K USD] …

I have been googling for days and all the time pieces that have green dial were some crappy alibaba units or from fashion brands like Michael Kors, so your recommendations would be appreciated!



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