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Today, I (F22) went to a new doctor. It was your standard, run of the mill first doctors appointment that includes a physical and rambling of family health history and any existing conditions. I’m new in town where I am, and have been waiting to see this doctor for about 5 months and made it known I was open for any cancellation appointments that needed to be filled. I had a day off from work today, so when they called to tell me they had an opening in their afternoon schedule, I threw on any clothes that were near me and ran out the door to make this appointment.

This is where my fuck up starts: I have this old pair of panties that have a rip on the side, exposing the right side of my pubic area. They just got ripped before I washed them last and I forgot to throw them out. They subsequently got washed and folded in with my clean underwear in my hamper I’d snatched them from in my hurry. Anyway, I don’t notice and go to the doctors office and get checked in. The doctors nurse informed me I’d have to get naked except for my underwear and into a gown as the doctor does breast exams, whatever no big deal. I’m notorious for being comfortable with my body in doctors offices and locker rooms, so much so that when my mom used to tag along with me to doctors appointments and I was asked to strip down, she’d say “oh, THAT won’t be a problem..” eye roll . My logic is, doctors are trained professionals and see bodies all the time, no reason to be ashamed, we all have bodies with their own quirks.

My doctor comes in when I’m undressed and ready in my gown, and things are normal. Kind of awkward, but we push through it. He asks me standard questions and is very thorough with his questioning, which I appreciate. He starts his exam and is listening to my lungs, I do deep breaths, y’all get it. I had mentioned some abdominal pain during his questioning, and he asked my permission to lift my gown and listen in. I oblige and have no issue with this. I lay back, he starts talking to me about something we had in common, and he lifts my gown. He goes silent in the middle of his sentence. I take my eyes off of the weird looking ceiling tile I had been focused on and look at him. His brow is furrowed and he looks at me, kind of befuddled. I, at this point, have no idea what the problem is and say “what were you saying?” in an attempt to brush the awkward moment off. He kind of chuckles and says “hold on, I’ll be right back.” and places my gown back over me.

I am oblivious to what’s going on and just lay there breathing heavy due to having my mask on, staring at the weird ceiling tile again when the nurse I’d seen earlier came in. I looked at her and she looked at me and said “heyyyyy, hon.” Which is never a good sign here in the south. “So the doctor sent me in because.. well it looks like your underwear is torn. Did you know that?” Uhhhhhh, no babe I didn’t. I turn beet red, and get so embarrassed and tell her I had no clue, clearly flustered. She kind of laughs it off, says “no worries at all. The doctor wants to make sure you aren’t embarrassed and feel comfortable with him, so he had me tell you. Here’s what we can do: I don’t have any undie options here, but I’ll bring you something you can slip on.” I agree and she leaves the room. I am completely mortified but decide to laugh it off and I can’t help but chuckle to myself when I look down and see what he saw.

She comes back with the aforementioned ‘something to slip on’ and y’all: I walked out of that doctors office with an adult diaper on. My doctor was super kind during the rest of my visit and even had his nurse stay with us in the exam room throughout the rest of the appointment to ensure no tomfoolery on his part which I so appreciated. Although I’m mortified that my doctor saw my no-no square, I walked away with my head held high and the option to pee my pants if I felt like it.

TL;DR: wore ripped underwear to my first doctors appointment, exposed myself, and walked away wearing a diaper.

Edit: for clarification, the breast exam was toward the end of the physical and the nurse was in the room for it!

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