r/PublicFreakout — Comment by u/peftvol479 on ”They secluded him behind a wall and looked around to see if anyone was watching so they can beat him… this is why we protest”

"Самая большая глупость- делать тоже самое и надеяться на другой результат" А. Эйнштейн ZM
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Almost every other part of the law is in a public forum and preserved. Every court decision, brief, transcript, etc. (other than a few exceptions). It’s remarkable that the police escape that same scrutiny when they have proven themselves to have no interest in contributing to the just rule of law.

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Sort of like the double standard of them being able to lie to you but it’s a crime to lie to them? Fuck them. I’ve lied multiple times. Let them prove I did and about what. The truth about what I do and when I do it is none of anyone’s business. Especially LEOs.

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Have you heard that the police have their own bill of rights that gives them rights above and beyond overyone elses, law officer bill of rights think it’s called

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