r/PublicFreakout — Comment by u/kinnth on ”They secluded him behind a wall and looked around to see if anyone was watching so they can beat him… this is why we protest”

"Неудача – это просто возможность начать снова, но уже более мудро." Генри Форд ZM
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And as long as I’ve been driving/getting pulled over in the UK, they *have to have* a dashcam or other copper in the car to press any charges or it’s their word against yours.

Got me off a penalty charge b/c the rozzer following me was transporting a detainee and apparently had no dashcam. As he pulled alongside me to get my attention (it was dark, he didn’t use his lights, I thought he was a boy racer goading me for about 10 minutes) the guy in the back gave me a look of solidarity.

Of course I’ve never broken the speed limit anyway so it’s a moot point. ¬____¬

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