r/pics — Rahul Dubey: the man who sheltered nearly 70 protesters last night while police surrounded his home.

"Единственный способ сделать что-то очень хорошо – любить то, что ты делаешь." Стив Джобс ZM
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I am this mans neighbor. Many of us opened our doors to protestors so they could seek safety & shelter. Rest assured we are sending him many thanks for his response.

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Thanks to you and the rest of those neighbors as well.

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I read that neighbors passed jugs of milk across their backyard fences and into his yard so they could use them for the protesters that got pepper sprayed. Thank you!

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Thank you for your help ma’am/sir

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You folks are a light in these dark times. Thank you for your selflessness and desire to help.

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Tell him he should be in politics. People will listen.

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Yes thank you! Is there a way we can send our thanks in a non digital text based way? I wouldn’t mind a small contribution for your and neighbors awesomeness.

You’re fucking heroes to me.

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Massive respects lad/lady. The world needs more compassionate people like you.

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I’m trying to understand —were these protesters being rounded up to be arrested? why did they need shelter?

Thank you for helping our your fellow citizens! <3

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Some more context: https://twitter.com/suckmyunicornD/status/1267767217392934917

The police tried to enter the home multiple times to get at the protesters who were cornered in his property, including faking that there was someone reported to have a medical distress on the premises. They were turned away each time.

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including faking that there was someone reported to have a medical distress on the premises.

Police tried to do this to me once to bust up a college party. They knocked on the door and told me there was a report of a fire at my address and asked if they could come in to make sure it’s safe… I’m pretty sure I would notice if my house was on fire.

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Did they try knocking and saying «candygram!»?

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«How long were they holding you?»

«About 15 seconds, until I said ‘please let me go to my house'»

«How were you able to get to your home if they were holding you?»

«Because I’m not black»

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There’s an APO (Assaulting police officer) statute in DC that makes pretty much anything you do be assault. Officers are known to get close to you then move suddenly to make you startle, then charge you with APO.


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