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"Идите уверенно по направлению к мечте. Живите той жизнью, которую вы сами себе придумали." Генри Дэвид Торо ZM
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People give me a hard time for eating too slow all the time. Hell…I’ll eat part of a meal…go lay down, watch some tv, and come back later and finish it.

This drives people bonkers. I was at a Thanksgiving one time, in the middle of eating, someone asked me to go down and get something from the car, so I did. I get back to my plate and it’s gone. I wasn’t angry, just sad.

Why does it bother people so much to eat slow? The great thing is when I’m actually at work at my desk I just eat my lunch all day long. My mother told me when I was a baby I’d throw my cherrios on the ground when I was eating. She’d let me down, I’d go play, come back eat a floor cherrio, go play, come back, etc.

Shit is in my DNA. Hold strong friend.

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