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Rewatching the trilogy and I’m just kind of in awe of how many variations of Biff there are, and how well Thomas F. Wilson toes the line each time of being cartoony and menacing. Through the course of three movies he plays:

1985 Middle-Aged Bully Biff

1955 Young Biff

1985 Middle-Aged Loser Biff

2015 Old Man Biff

2015 Griff

1985 Billionaire Middle-Aged Biff

1885 «Mad Dog»

More than any other character in the series, the «Biffs» often interact with each other and get a ton of screen time. And while other character variations are fun little gags where you can kind of see the seams of obviously younger actors playing older characters in sometimes grotesque make-up, I honestly forget this watching the Biffs. They’re always outlandish but there’s always something natural about the portrayal.

I know Thomas F. Wilson has a pretty great stand-up career and has been here and there but I think it’s incredible that he didn’t explode for basically juggling the duties of playing seven iconic villains over the course of three movies. It was incredible character work for a relatively young actor.

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