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Have a couple of builds I am planning that I need switches for. Doing a handwired build for my dad who is a heavy typist and wants Navies, I technically only need 84 for the layout as it currently stands but it isn’t final yet and I always prefer to have extras. Also I am planning to get a Corne kit and would like to put some Jades on it and possibly also a planck or similar 4×12 board so any amount of jades you have to sell I am interested in.

I also need the 2x pro-micros or similar for the Corne build so if you have some spare pro micros, elite-c’s or similar USB C drop in replacements for a pro micro, let me know.

Priority on buying will go to people offering larger numbers of switches or more than one of the things I need. Comment before PM, Reddit Chat is preferred but PM’s are fine as well.

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