r/JusticeServed – Police stop looters at NYC best buy

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This is a very “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation for the police. They show up clearly prioritizing non-lethal subjugation and arresting tactics, more than anything choosing to scare and prevent further crimes than to exact punishment on present criminal suspects (which is not the police’s job to grant punishments, simply to enforce laws and stop people from breaking them), and they prioritized protecting the victim (Best Buy in this case) from further harm. In this clip, at least, there is no evidence of any corruption in this particular police unit, as far one can infer from just this clip without making wild assumptions.

Yet, at the same time, the police are being attacked in the comments anyway for both seeming inadequate in their execution of “stopping looters” and being compared to situations where the police used harsher (if still non-lethal) weapons and tactics on peaceful protests, like with rubber bullets and pepper spray. On top of that, the police are people too, I imagine many officers, like the ones we have seen leading peaceful movements and addressing their community’s concerns directly, have conflicting morals about which side of justice they stand on, but they have a duty to uphold and if they are the ones actively doing their jobs the right way, they can’t let rightful protests and sound logic inhibit them from performing their duties when the time calls for it, like during a looting.

I’d be appalled by another showing of excessive force, or bigoted entrapment and targeting ploys, but when those are not present, I have to applaud the police officers that are serving as an example of what enforcers of the law should be, when they perform their service to the community by protecting the people and not letting themselves succumb to brutality.

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