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Good afternoon, Reddit!

I’m Suraj Patel and I’m running for Congress in NY-12 to bring innovative plans to both our nation and my hometown of NYC. A son of immigrants, survivor of COVID, Obama White House alum, and active member of my community, I’m running for Congress to represent a diverse array New Yorkers and Americans and deliver bold ideas to the table. I was the first candidate nationally to devise a national COVID testing plan, I believe in a minimum guaranteed income for families, and I firmly advocate for the utilization of science and data in our steps coming out of this pandemic.

Unlike my opponent, I do not take corporate PAC money, I believe in vaccines and evidence-based policies, and I would defend immigrants instead of voting to build walls, as she did in 2006. I am running to restore the promise of New York, which starts with creating programs that allow families and individuals to achieve upwards mobility and embracing our diversity as a city.

When I’m not running for Congress to restore fresh, new plans for our district and country, I am an educator, local business frequenter, activist, and animal lover, who can be found around Tompkins Square Park walking my two lovable dogs, Eli and Peyton.

Ask me anything!

P.S. We can stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok! You can learn more about my campaign here.

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