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I want to make it clear, He is 14 week but when he reaches the proper age, HE IS GETTING NEUTERED. My parents and I recently got a black German shepherd puppy named Jack I want to put it out there that we are in a dense neighborhood with little kids so we didn’t want to risk it with a rescue that might have problems. Plus my parents are getting up there is so if the dog pulls it might hurt them. So we got our puppy(more like mine follow me everywhere, lol) from a reputable breeder. And of course he has papers.

And of course I walking Jack around the neighborhood. And let me tell you something, nothing gets you more attention then babies and puppies. People will stop you all the time. And they ask what breed he is so I respond with German shepherd. And it always starts the same. About how good of a breed it is, how smart they are, how pretty they are,etc.etc. Then it almost always goes to the same turn “oh my friend/relative/whoever has a German shepherd they want to breed if you interested?” And of course I say no, we plan on neutering him. They get disappointed and some back off but then again some don’t.

Like this one lady, we will call Sarah. Just would not stop pushing about it on our morning walk today. We talk about him, she does the usual “oh my friend got a female shepherd they want to breed I think we would make the perfect puppies.” I tell her no, she pushing. She goes “don’t you want to continue his line though?Seems selfish to not let him have at least one litter,” I tell her that no, it’s not selfish and that won’t change my mind. this point I just start walking away from her. Then she offers money for it and tries to call Jack to her. And Jack ignore her for a leaf(never been more thankful for his Leaf obsession) I keep walking while ignoring her and I’m kinda pissed at her and the whole situation. Like I told you no about it, why do you keep pushing? You don’t really know if he’s a purebred or if I got him from backyard breeder. I don’t want to add to the dogs in shelters or be a helper to your backyard breeding, cause I know your friend won’t take the puppy back if it doesn’t work out. A lot goes into breeding that they don’t realize.

And it just him, we also have a little mutt named toto. I have never been ask to breed him before, not once in his whole 3 years of being alive does breeding him come up in a conversation. I think from now on I’m going to say Jack a shepherd/Lab mix.People used to confuse him for a lab when his ears where down, and some people still ask if he’s a lab mix. I think it’s the black that is throwing them off. Which plays in my favors for the whole “let’s have our dogs breed together.” Thing.

Edit: kind of relived/scared that people have been through the same thing. Just remember to neuter/spay you puppies when they are old enough.

Edit 2: as per request here is your puppy tax One of the only good pics I got of him lol.

So some of you might remember my previous post, I was looking at an older girl to rescue and was quite excited. Unfortunately someone snapped her up before me, which is a shame but she will go to a good home!

I didnt give up my search though. And I found a Facebook group for a charity based in the uk who rehome dogs from Romania. Pawprints To Freedom. And on their website I found my future best friend.

View post on imgur.com

This is Gim, a two year old mix, I fell in love instantly. And today, 10 minutes ago to be exact, I just sent the money for him and hes been confirmed on the transport list. Meaning the next bus taking off, he will be on it heading to me.

I honestly cant wait. The boy looks so precious, and i want to give him a forever home. Luckily I will be updated 4 weeks before transport day so I can take time off work for him.

I’m very excited and wanted to share the love with you all! No doubt I’ll be here lots for tips, tricks and posting my best boy doing the things he loves.

I hope everyone is having an amazing day! I know I am!

Edit; Holy dog biscuits! Someone gave me an award. Thank you kind stranger 🙂


Inspired by a post that weratedogs shared of a girl taking her dog to the protests. She proceeded to justify saying her dog loves people, she was watching her surroundings, the dog isn’t going to get into any trouble and “the dog is happier with me than at home without me”.

I don’t care who you think you are, you do not know everyone around you at those sorts of things. As we’ve seen, it can get violent and dangerous at literally any second.

Putting your dog in a position to get hurt or killed is just irresponsible and not okay.

So I was at Aldi’s the other day during peak heatwave. As I head to the queue I noticed a dog lazilly tied up outside next to a child who was no older than 6.

As I’m in the queue all of a sudden the same dog trots along on the road with their lead dragging behind them. I called them over they waddled on over and let me pat them and take their lead. I intended to take them back to where they was tied after I saw no obviois signs of someone looking for their dog. But as I step out from the queue(social distancing) the little kid from earlier comes charging at me screaming that I’m stealing their dog.

I kind of just roll my eyes and hand them the lead, not wanting to make anymore of a scene by following a random child.

I get in the shop, grab what I need and as I leave I see the same kid and dog, but as I pass I notice the kid just straight up drop the lead and wander off into the shop.

I’m not an advocate for leaving your dog tied outside a shop, but for christ sake especially don’t leave your dog tied up outside with your goddamn child during a global pandemic.

I so badly wanted to warn the staff at the door to keep an eye for the kids parents, but my dad was in a hurry to leave the heat.

We have a rescue dog from Portugal. He’s a beautiful boy, and before we had the Embark test done, I’d have guessed he was some kind of hound mix. Nope. 100% European Village Dog. When people ask his breed and I tell them, they inevitably say ‘What’s that?’ I then try to explain that Village Dogs are kind of the original prototype of ‘dog’, and are what other breeds were developed from, centuries ago — that if you went back in time 1,000 years and made friends with a dog, it would be a dog very like ours.

Obviously this is lengthy, LOL, and I always see their eyes start glazing over with a look of confusion. My husband, on the other hand, just says, ‘One step up from a wolf’, which is less accurate but much more succinct!

So, fellow Village Dog owners…how do you explain it to people?

I’d also love to hear your Village Dog stories. Our boy, unlike a lot of Village Dogs, had a home before us. He was abused and eventually abandoned by his previous owners at about a year old, so skinny that his hip bones were jutting out. A friend of mine was on holiday and he was dumped by car near the hotel in the mountains she was staying in. She made it her mission to find him a new home and devoted the rest of her holiday to finding him a foster carer and setting up a Go Fund Me account to get him to the UK. We agreed to adopt him, and while his various issues made it a little challenging at first (separation anxiety and reactive to other dogs), he’s made SO much progress on all fronts and is a great companion. Can’t imagine life without him now.

Dog tax: https://imgur.com/a/YgESrKi

Sorry mods if this post is inappropriate. I spent some time looking this afternoon and couldn’t find anything.

$10 to play, 30 pop-culture pet-themed questions, AWESOME prizes for you and your dog!!! The charity may be local, but anyone can play! https://love.teamtrivia.com/ Thanks for letting me post here!!

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