r/aww — Daughters being reunited with their mom after 9 weeks of being away so she could provide medical care to patients

"Если бы я спрашивал, чего хотят люди, они до сих пор ездили бы на повозках." Генри Форд ©

I’m one of those guys who wasn’t really sure if he wanted kids. I saw my friends having them before me, and I kind of enjoyed being able to go home to a quiet house and being able to travel and do whatever I wanted with my wife by my side.

But wifey really wanted kids, so I finally gave in. I was terrified I would resent my kids or not love them the way you’re “supposed” to. But there is something that really does change you once they come.

I was a 30-year-old selfish man-baby when my daughter was born.

About two months later, I had to travel a week for work. I used to love traveling — new city to explore at night, new restaurants, and new places to see. But that week alone without my daughter was perhaps the loneliest I had ever been. I never really had that “I’m a dad to a daughter and I will do anything to be there for her” moment or feeling until that week. It was like nothing I ever felt before.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like these for these health care professionals and others who are being cautious and safe by staying away from their kids. Knowing how personally painful it must be for them gives you an extra appreciation for all that they’re doing.

I cried after coming home after a week. I can’t even imagine what this must have been like for that mom.

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