r/AskReddit — People who live in a rural area/out in the country, what will «city folk» never understand?

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It takes around 45 minutes from the time you call to the time they arrive for the cop to get here, and that’s if they like you.

Around where I live we have traveling packs of methheads who wander around looking for scrap metal and anything that isn’t nailed down so they can sell it to buy meth, sometimes these packs are 5 to 6 strong, and we have 3 cops that consist of 1 elderly man who has trouble getting around 1 who is barely old enough to drink and the last consists of just a normal guy in his 30s. These methheads sometimes have tried to kill people and rob them, but thankfully because most people around here are gun-loving rednecks they have always been stopped. Now imagine an old man who has trouble getting around taking on a group of 5 to 6 methheads with crackhead strength, now imagine a young kid who can’t grow facial hair going up against them, needless to say, we’re pretty much fucked if we don’t have a gun.

This is something city people just don’t seem to grasp, yes the cops will protect us, but we literally can’t wait. Sometimes these methhead packs are on our doorstep before we can call it in, 45 minutes is a long time to wait if you’re already in danger. Imagine getting mugged and then having to wait 45 minutes to call for help.

Also not to mention bears are starting to make a comeback in the area so that’s another reason to have a gun, now we have packs of methheads and bears oh my.

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