r/AskReddit — People who can express themselves clearly and make themselves understood whenever you open your mouth: How the hell do you do that?

"Не опускай руки, ибо рискуешь сделать это за минуту до того, как произойдёт чудо." Амели Нотомб ZM
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This is exactly what I would consider the right answer.

You sometimes have to dumb it down for people who are less tapped-in to the emotion you’re conveying. I would also say that giving details behind the way your feeling can give more of a visual to the person you’re speaking with. They’re more inclined to understand you if you explain the story behind it, then say something like “which is why I feel…..” than if you just come out and say how you feel. Context matters!

Also OP, if you see this message, giving examples relevant to them can also help. I’ll try to explain. I had an ex-boyfriend who lacked any sort of empathy. He was super nice and considerate, but just not emotional AT ALL and couldn’t ever understand what I was feeling. It was so hard to try to express what I felt to a brick wall, so I changed the way I’d present my problem. For example, when my dog died, he couldn’t for the life of him understand why he was so sad. I told him to imagine his best friend, insert name, of x years SUDDENLY died right in front of him. I told him I had been living with my dog for 12 years and consider him more than a friend. But I asked him how he’d feel if said friend died like that and said that I feel just that, but a little more intensely. Imagining himself in such a specific scenario allowed him to “feel” that empathy (in a way) and he stopped asking me if I’m “still sad.” I’ve used this so many times since then. Not always for something so dramatic, either. In my opinion, it really works. You just have to think of the right analogy for that specific person.

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