r/AskReddit — Funeral organisers of Reddit, what are the weirdest or most unique funerals you have organised?

"Всякая человеческая голова подобна желудку: одна переваривает входящую в оную пищу, а другая от нее засоряется." Козьма Прутков ZM
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There’s a video on youtube with a guy talking about how he drives a hearse and does burnouts with it. He got a call from someone; a car fan had died and wanted «that guy who does burnouts in a hearse» to do one with his mortal remains in the back on the way to the cemetary. And so he did, with a police escort and everything.

edit: video link and I didn’t have the story quite right

Skip to 8:00 if you don’t want to hear any of his other hearse stories (you totally should listen, though).

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