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"Вопрос не в том, кто мне разрешит, а в том, кто сможет мне запретить." Айн Рэнд ZM
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In my high school, specifically in my class, most of the time in class was fun, You know why? the relationship teacher-student, we were very lucky because majority of our teachers were good with us, they teached us sometimes with games and jokes, they play with us, they talked with us; drugs, theories, news, our future, etc.

They made us feel comfortable until the point that sometimes we really wanted to study (something that is weird here, most of the time education system sucks) that we really wanted to teach the one who doesn’t know.

They found the way, in which we felt respect and appreciation for them, they were friendly, they wanted us to listen to them in exchange for they would listen to us.

Sometimes to look right a teacher and feel respect for her/him is not necessary a teacher who has been years teaching, sometimes we just need a friend or someone close

Most pf the time, I think teachers forget that they’re there to teach, not to leave you five books in a week and make you learn for you own, but then I remember my teachers and wonder. Were they ever like them?

This will probably get lost among the other replies.

Sorry for my english, it sucks.

Have a good day.

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