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"Знания недостаточно, необходимо применение. Желания недостаточно, необходимо действие." Брюс Ли ZM
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I did that to my college teachers. The ones I loved of course. I actually did the old school way; I made a card myself, drew on the cover, wrote in it and bought a $10-$20 gift card of something hopefully they would go there. I did that that to a few of my college years of retail work too. Working part time and still needing to pay for my loan later but since I barely awarded myself, if I can make someone else happy, I would. Small kind gestures, makes a big big difference! I did it because being appreciated is a wonderful feeling. The one being appreciated and the one giving.

I am always shy giving these things because maybe the other person would think it’s garbage! Once I give it out, in their hands, I scurry away with a big smile leaving them with a big smile and «you don’t have to» moment.

I remember I had a business law class in my business studies, I gave the teacher a card. There was this kid who was like the kid who wants to be all important kind of kid. Oh yeah, this class, everyone found boring, but for some reason I actually loved it. People found it hard, I thought it was easy. It’s just very specific and detailed! I loved going to that class. The teacher was great. Back to the story, the other kid was standing beside the teacher’s desk, I was sort of waiting for everyone to pack up and leave but that kid wouldn’t leave, my classmate stayed to wait for me. Told her just a sec, I want to give the teacher something. I went up to her, gave it, and the kid was acting all like it’s garbage, don’t take it kind of saying. I forgotten what he said, I guess I didn’t care enough to listen to him. All I remember the teacher saying was «aww, you don’t have to ___(my name).» Telling the other kid » don’t be rude, I like these things» something like that.

Teachers get a bunch of bad kids or hard to deal with kids/adults! People get underappreciated all the time! Especially, after elementary school years.

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