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I don’t think there are special brands made exclusively for men. But where I come from Lowa hiking shoes are very popular. When buying them, take a look where you hike the most. There are category A and B shoes and AB shoes. Category A is for citywalks and light hiking on easy terrain. It are lightweight shoes and are very well to wear. Category AB shoes are shoes for trekking, when going on a hike for 4 to 6 days. They are flexible but sturdy enough to handle rougher terrain like rocky hills or just more support for a longer hike per day. Category B is more for a one day mountain hike and a good sturdy sole. Half high in the shoe in contrary to A and AB (AB can vary in height). When going for a good hike in the mountains you will have more grip with category B shoes. I don’t think you’ll need more than that, but here a glimpse: Category C is for a trekking through the mountains that lasts multiple days. Category D is namely for expedition, for unpredictable weather in high mountains.

Good luck with finding good shoes, wherever you live. These categories might not be used in your country. If so, give a reply and I’ll try and help finding you a good pair of shoes that fit your needs.

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