Please Enjoy Ogling The Most Epic Birthday Parties Of This Past Decade

"Ни разу не упасть — не самая большая заслуга в жизни. Главное каждый раз подниматься." Нельсон Мандела ZMEY
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George J. Patterson and Jordan Himes

In 2016, Kara Cook hosted her son Parker’s seventh birthday party at Target because they both loved it so much. Guests enjoyed things like a scavenger hunt around the store, name tag decorating, and face painting.


When no one showed up to this autistic boy’s birthday, so children, parents, firefighters, and police from the area gave him the best birthday ever.

Facebook: john.buratti

In 2015, none of the 16 kids from 6-year-old Glenn Buratti’s class showed up to his birthday party. After his mom shared the sad situation on Facebook, people from all over their town in Osceola County, Florida showed up to celebrate him.


When BuzzFeed employee Loryn Brantz walked around New York City in a bikini for her birthday.

Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

In 2015, for her 30th birthday, Loryn decided to give herself the gift of “giving no fucks” and going out in New York City in a bikini. Loryn also opened up about body image and her past eating disorders in her post.


When this little girl used the horror movie The Nun as the theme for her birthday party.

In 2019, for little Lucia’s third birthday party, she had her heart set on showcasing a horror movie that she insisted on watching: The Nun. Even her friends dressed up in creepy makeup for the occasion.


When this toddler who was obsessed with a local injury lawyer got to celebrate his birthday with the lawyer’s face plastered everywhere.

L’erin Dobra

In 2015, New Orleans personal injury lawyer Morris Bart had ads that played regularly in Louisiana. L’erin Dobra’s son Grayson loved the commercials so much, she made the lawyer Grayson’s birthday theme.

Twitter: @abbiprice_

In 2016, Abbi Price told BuzzFeed News that the toilet cake was based on the photo (pictured above) of her after “a small gathering with family and friends.”


When a dying mom threw her baby daughter the most magical Alice in Wonderland–themed birthday tea party.

Stephanie Windfeldt

In 2015, Athena Krueger of Minneapolis was dying of breast cancer. And, although her doctors advised against it, Athena left the confines of the hospital to attend her daughter’s party. Her daughter Amari’s actual birthday fell on May 5th and Athena died the following day.


When a husband surprised his wife with a detailed Harry Potter birthday party.

Amanda Kundert

In 2015, Amanda Kundert’s husband transformed their apartment into a Harry Potter wonder world. He also surprised her with a handmade Elder Wand for her 26th birthday.

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