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"Либо вы управляете вашим днем, либо день управляет вами." Джим Рон ZM
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I don’t think the argument of time necessarily holds either. When I do google WW1 it’s easy to see that in the US it was unpopular and sparked many controversies, including the investigations into the deaths of hundreds of marines the morning of the armistice

Why is it so ignored? In my mind WW1 is a lot older but more relatable that WW2. With WW1 you really can see the disillusionment of the people and it permeated into popular culture. Not so much after WW2.


Just an FYI Saving Private Ryan.

One of Reddits favorite facts is that the D Day scene was so realistic that it caused vets to leave the theater.

I know for a fact I couldn’t muster the courage to do even a percentage of what these gents went through.

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You never know

That is what was so crazy about WW1 and WW2.. it took boys and sent them to war from all walks of life. These war heroes were going in not knowing it will happen, just like you woulda

That being said we know so much in the US about ww2 but we forget about WW1. So much more carnage and a different type of brutality. I suggest googling about ww1 your local town or areas around you.

Some crazy stories pop up!

I imagine some of that is he doesn’t want to talk about it because it triggers some PTSD. I imagine most of the soldiers came back with PTSD, but back then they hid it as best they could because they viewed it at weakness. It seems as though it’s only recently being further understood.

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A good example is Audie Murphy

Battlefield commissioned, combat veteran Medal of Honor recipient, stayed in after the Service and rose to major, but became a heavy alcoholic and died basically broke

You get good auto insurance than an umbrella policy for a few million. It’s not all that expensive either, few hundred at most.

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A month? That’s s lot for the vast majority of Reddit lol

Something tells me someone that stupid didn’t have a home in the first place

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Cone on dude. Like I get trashing them but way to generalize

Go outside or take a step back from Reddit

Very vindictive

Lmao at Delaware: “Blue Hen’s Chicken; Muskrat”

From what I read on Twitter, it was the hot wallet that was in use and they couldn’t find evidence of a cold wallet at all.

It looked like a Ponzi scheme where instead of reserve funds, he was paying old customers with new customers money.

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Ahh so a Tech-Savvy Billy with an out strategy?

That’s primal as fuck. Chimps do that shit

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