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  • These Charts And Maps Show Where The Coronavirus Is Surging Across The US — And Where It Is In Decline

    While some states and counties are slowly recovering from the ravages of COVID-19, others face a growing number of new cases.

  • The Coronavirus Has Tanked Carbon Emissions. It’s Not Nearly Enough To Prevent Climate Disaster.

    Choosing whether to embrace green policies to lead the economic recovery will be a make-or-break moment for the climate crisis, experts say.

  • This Is What We Know About The Wuhan Lab That Trump Blames For COVID-19

    The Wuhan Institute of Virology previously conducted controversial experiments to test what could make coronaviruses more dangerous to humans, but scientists have ruled out that SARS-CoV-2 is a product of genetic engineering.

  • When Will Your State Reopen? Here’s The Data Being Used To Decide.

    The White House’s plan for states to reopen their economies sidesteps the desperate need for greater testing, public health experts say.

  • How Hard Could COVID-19 Hit Your County? Check These Maps.

    Search your address to find out the current impact of COVID-19 in your area, as well as measures of how vulnerable your county may be.

  • These Charts And Maps Show How The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Affecting Your Nearest US City

    The coronavirus epidemic in the US is concentrated in regional hot spots. Follow the latest data on COVID-19 deaths in cities across the country.

  • This Chart Shows A Historic Spike In Gun Sales After The Coronavirus Hit The US

    The coronavirus outbreak has prompted an unprecedented surge in gun sales, exceeding a previous record set after the Sandy Hook mass shooting.

  • These Charts Show How Each State Is Handling The Coronavirus Crisis

    Follow the latest data on COVID-19 deaths and testing, state by state.

  • Trump Wants To Get The US Back To Work By Easter. Here’s Why That Would Be A Medical Disaster.

    Even drastic interventions to limit the spread of the coronavirus take around 10 days to start to show an effect. The US still hasn’t put those measures into place.

  • The Coronavirus Death Toll Is Rising At Different Rates In Different Countries. These Charts Help Explain Why.

    Experts don’t yet have a full explanation, but the age breakdown of countries’ populations and their capacity to deliver care to critically ill people will be crucial in the coming weeks and months.