People On TikTok Are Sharing This Hack For Folding Cereal Boxes And It’s Next Level

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TikTok is really teaching us stuff, huh?

Here we are again with another useful hack, brought to you by TikTok. Today it is how to fold a cereal box:

TikTok user @micklanie explained that you first need to fold the side tabs and the back tabs in.

Next, you crease the sides and tuck in the top tab.

The final result ends up looking kind of like a milk carton, and you can even turn it upside down so no cereal falls out!

I’ve personally never seen this hack before, and apparently other TikTok users had not either, because there are now tons of cereal box–folding videos on the platform:

I even tried it myself at home and I can say that it is super easy and it works!

Krista Torres

So, now you know a neat way to fold your cereal boxes!


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