People On TikTok Are Roasting Dads Because They All Eat Nuts The Same Way And I’m Deceased

"Если за последние несколько лет вы не отказались от какого-нибудь из своих основных убеждений или не обрели новое, проверьте свой пульс. Возможно, вы мертвы." Джелетт Берджесс ZM
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I come from a family of snackers. Granola? Popcorn? Nuts? You name it, we’re probably eating it. Yes, right this very minute.

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But there’s one member of my family (cough, Dad, cough) who tends to consume said snacks in a peculiar fashion. Let’s use mixed nuts as an example.

Snowwhiteimages / Getty Images

My dad will take a handful of nuts, then shake them in his hand as though he’s about to roll some dice at the casino.

Ilyast / Getty Images

Once he’s shaken his hand a couple times, he proceeds to pop a few nuts in his mouth and chew on them, like so:


Then the cycle repeats. I assumed my dad was probably the only person on planet Earth to participate in this odd ritual, until I saw a series of TikToks that proved me wrong. This dad does it with a passion:

This dad does it right in his daughter’s face:

This dad’s a bit defensive about his nut shaking:

And this son’s impression literally made me cry with laughter:

Dads, why do you eat your snacks like gambling camels? Please let us know in the comments!

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