People Are Sharing Celebs Who Have Blocked Them On Twitter And I’m Inhaling The Tea

"Чтобы жить счастливо, я должен быть в согласии с миром. А это ведь и значит «быть счастливым»." Людвиг Витгенштейн ZM
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Featuring a whole bunch of your faves.

Recently, actor and author Bert Kreischer asked people to share which celebrities have blocked them. And just this week, author and comedian Franchesca Ramsey asked the same.

Let me just tell you — stars really use that block button. Here are some celebrities who blocked people:


Naomi Campbell:

We made a little conversation when I was sweet to her. She blocked me when I was too honest.


John Cusack:

@chescaleigh John Cusack. I posted – not even replying to the tweet – that something he linked to was really sad and I was sorry I’d read it. Also he DMd me before blocking me to mock me for being blocked by him. He’s a real brittle asshole.


Amanda Seales:

@chescaleigh Amanda Seales blocked me on my old account. She tweeted «I’m so Gryffindor» and I replied «That sounds more like a Slytherin»….she blocked me right after that LOL


Meghan McCain:

@bertkreischer Rarely ever tweeted her so I imagine the block has to do with my YouTube videos. Made fun of her for beginning every argument with “my father” and exposed her vapid political views.


Dax Shepard:

@bertkreischer Dax Shepard, all I did was tell him he looked like the singer of nickleback.


Gilbert Gottfried:

@bertkreischer Gilbert tweeted a Charles Manson joke that said Is it hot in here, or am I crazy. I actually have a Manson shirt that says that so I tweeted back a picture of the shirt saying I have that shirt too. He then blocked me.


Oscar De La Hoya:

@bertkreischer He tweeted something about every cloud having a silver lining… I replied by asking him to not sniff it. I feel bad about that now.


Michael Strahan:

@chescaleigh Michael Strahan, because I called him out for not reading the book he was interviewing about. I guess I was right, bc he blocked me.


Dr. Drew:

@chescaleigh Dr. Drew. Since his COVID misinformation campaign, I @ him and tweeted no one should listen to anything he had to say any more. He blocked me 🤷🏽‍♀️

Wow. I don’t know if I should feel honored or offended that a celeb hasn’t blocked me on Twitter. Anyway, has a celeb ever blocked you on social media? If so, let me know why in the comments.

Note: The above screenshots are unverified, so keep in mind that Photoshop exists and people could’ve made some of these themselves.

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