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"Не относитесь к жизни слишком серьезно. Живым вам из нее все равно не выбраться." О. Уайлд ZM
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  • Forget Trump’s Executive Order. Some Lawmakers Want To Use Antitrust To Really Take On Big Tech.

    Trump’s executive order may not do much, but a growing movement of unlikely Republican and Democratic allies are pushing for a real crackdown on tech companies.

  • Employers May Soon Get Protected From Lawsuits While Workers and Customers Are Left In The Dark On Safety

    “There is no playbook. There are no established best practices. This uncertainty is impacting our decisions.”

  • Democrats Want $3 Trillion In New Coronavirus Relief. Republicans Say It’s Too Soon To Do More.

    The two parties are miles apart on what to do in the next wave of coronavirus relief. Republicans say they do not expect anything to pass for a long time.

  • Trump’s Health Secretary Says Workers’ Home Lives, Not Working Conditions, Are Responsible For Coronavirus Outbreaks In Meatpacking Plants

    Alex Azar’s comments echo those from the meatpacking industry, who say outbreaks in their plants are not their fault.

  • The Coronavirus Is Keeping Addiction Counselors From Their Patients. So The Industry Has Transformed.

    «Our experience is this works. We are not waiting for this COVID thing to pass over. We are doing the work.»

  • Republicans Tried To Defund A Major Obamacare Program. Now The Supreme Court Says The Government Has To Pay Billions To Insurers.

    Some health insurers went bankrupt and many fled Obamacare markets after Congress refused to make risk payments. Now, years after the damage has been done, the government will make the payments anyway.

  • コロナ禍を前にした新人医療従事者たちの、複雑な心境「戦力になりたい、でも怖い」


  • Will I Get A Check From The US Government, And How? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

    Most US adults will qualify for the payments, which start at $1,200 for the lowest-income individuals.

  • Ready, Afraid, And Uncertain: How The 2020 Graduating Class Of Health Care Workers Is Preparing To Fight The Coronavirus

    «I know exactly what they need and I know that I could help them, but I don’t have the clearance.»

  • Donald Trump Won’t Open The Obamacare Markets During The Coronavirus Outbreak

    Eleven states plus the District of Columbia are allowing a special open enrollment period that will allow people to sign up for insurance. The Trump administration is declining to do so nationally.