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I do estimates and I get this question a lot, and the answer is no. That’s like asking a builder to quote a renovation without seeing your house, your plans, blueprints, or anything. It really isn’t possible. There are a lot of specific determinations that are made during an in-person estimate such as:

-what duct work changes/transitions are needed to incorporate new equipment?

-what filter is already there, and should it be reused or something else adapted to the system?

-is the electrical up to code? Are equipment circuits dedicated and of correct amp rating for the new equipment? Is the panel double lugged or full?

-what length/diameter line set is needed, and should the current lineset be cleaned, tested and reused, or replaced? Is lineset replacement even possible without significant demolition?

-Is the condensate drain up to code? Is there a pump being used? Is there a safety pan with an auxiliary drain already in place or will one need to be added?

-Was the current system sized properly or should sizing changes be made? This can only be determined by an in-person manual J, unless up-to-date architectural blueprints are provided.

-Is the current ductwork system adequate, or are changes needed there? What kind of static pressures can be expected?

-What kind of system controls are used? Are there zones? If so, is the existing zone control reusable?

-If the air handler is in a horizontal orientation, how is it supported? Is it using struts or is supported from beneath? Is there enough clearance for proper drain traps and slope?

-Is there enough room around the equipment to meet clearance code and provide service accessibility?

-Is there an existing pad under the outside unit that can be reused or will a new pad need to be installed? Or will a stand or brace be used?

-etc, etc, etc…

Honestly, if I was forced to give a price on a job without seeing it, I’m going to include the costs for every possible unforeseen problem I could think of to make sure my butt is covered. You would have a very over-priced job indeed. It’s in your interests to get a custom bid from each contractor.

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