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"Либо напиши что-нибудь стоящее, либо делай что-нибудь, о чем стоит написать." Бенджамин Франклин ZM
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  • A Federal Security Officer Was Shot Dead During A California Protest

    A top Trump official called the killing an «act of domestic terrorism.»

  • The NYPD Is Reviewing A Video Showing An Officer Using Two Hands To Throw A Woman To The Ground

    «I wasn’t aggressive towards the police officer, and even if I was he should have had the self restraint to not hurt to people he’s supposed to be protecting,» the woman in the video said on Saturday.

  • New Yorkers Can Now Gather In Groups Of Up To 10 People As The Daily Coronavirus Death Toll Drops Below 100

    “When you look at the trajectory of New York state, I do think that this type of [executive] order is justified,” a physician and public health scholar told BuzzFeed News.

  • This Priest Squirted Holy Water At Churchgoers At A Socially Distanced Service And He’s Now A Meme

    Father Tim Pelc told BuzzFeed News he’s amazed at how widely the photo is being shared. «It even had two hits in the Vatican,» he said, «which sort of concerned me, but I haven’t heard anything yet.»

  • Georgia’s Attorney General Said He Will Look Into How Officials Handled Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder

    The state attorney general said Arbery’s family and community «deserve answers.» His alleged killers were only charged after video of the shooting was released, months after his death.

  • Legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Performer Little Richard Has Died At 87

    The larger-than-life star’s over-the-top persona and flamboyance inspired other legends like Prince and Elton John.

  • This Couple’s Wedding Was Canceled Because Of The Coronavirus. So They Got Married At A Drive-In Theater.

    «It was almost surreal how engaged and connected it made everyone feel at one of the most disconnected times of our lives.”

  • A Woman At An Anti-Lockdown Protest Held A Sign From A Nazi Concentration Camp

    The phrase «Arbeit macht frei» translates to «work will set you free» and was used on the gates of Auschwitz.

  • A Paramedic Who Traveled To New York To Help In The Pandemic Has Died Of The Coronavirus

    «Going above and beyond for the patients — that was always Paul.»

  • A State Senator Wore A Mask That Looked Like A Confederate Flag. He Said He «Did Not Intend To Offend.»

    Michigan state senator Dale Zorn initially denied that the mask was a Confederate flag, but later apologized for his «choice of pattern.»