OK, This Birthday Cake TikTok Hack Is Pretty Darn Genius

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Celebrate, but stay safe!

If you’re celebrating a birthday during quarantine and can’t leave your house to go anywhere, you might be feeling something like this:

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Well, don’t be too sad, because you can still have your cake and eat it too. TikTok user @utulei_manu posted this clever hack for blowing out your birthday cake candles without getting germs all over the frosting:

She says to leave the container on the cake, then burn the bottom of the candle first. This will melt the wax a little, which allows you to stick it to the plastic. Then, light the top of the candles.

Laboko / Getty Images

It’s honestly so creative and simple that I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before now.

So if you’re quarantined with family or roommates and plan to celebrate, this hack will prevent the spread of germs and still allow you to have that happy birthday moment! Genius.

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