Now That New York Has Banned Plastic Bags, Here Are 23 Alternatives People Recommend Using Instead

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From canvas totes to a full-on wagon for groceries, here are alternatives that the BuzzFeed Community loves.

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Now that a state-wide ban on plastic bags will go into effect in New York on March 1, it’s time to invest in a legitimate reusable bag. To help push us in the right direction, we asked the BuzzFeed Community about their favorites. Read on for their helpful answers below!

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«I love my BeeGreen bags! They have cute prints, fold up to smaller than a man’s wallet, don’t rip, can be tossed in a washing machine, and get constant compliments. Most importantly, I can fit an overflowing basket of Trader Joe’s goodies into ONE BAG and walk out the door. I will never own anything else.»


«Super durable, great price at $4 a bag, and lots of designs to choose from. They fold down small if you fold them neatly. I purchased mini carabiners to attach them to anything. Been using them since October 2018 and they’re in great shape.»


«Affordable. Washable. Easily repacked in the carry bag!»


Get a five-pack from Amazon for $19.99.




«BagPodz are the hands down best! I live in Suffolk County, NY. Last year, they instituted a 5¢ per plastic bag law, so I searched for a matching set that was easy to carry and had plenty of bags. I have the 10-bag set and I love them! The amount of bags is plenty for a big grocery run. The carrying case is the feature that sold me. They’re super strong, wash well and have held up to hundreds of pounds of groceries, twice a week, over the past year.» —kristhediva

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $34.95.

Baggu / Via

«Baggu makes bags that fold up and are small enough to fit in a purse or pocket easily. I like to have a few of these around (in my purse, car, desk, etc.) because sometimes I forget to bring a bag or for unexpected purchases, and it’s convenient for days I just don’t have enough hands.» —nativetonashville

«Baggu brand bags are the best.» —robertar4c4a6041d

Get it from Baggu for $12 or Amazon for $10 (available in 18 styles).


«They come in fun prints and are made from recycled polyester.»


Get it from Marimekko for $39+ (available in a variety of styles).

«They fold up into an attached carry pouch with carabiners. They hold a ton of stuff and are sturdy as heck. I have some that are 7 years old and look good as new!»


Get a four-pack from Amazon for $23.96.


Stardust Reusable Eco-Friendly Bags

Stardust Earth

«My favorite are made from jute (a material far more sustainable than cotton) from Stardust Earth. I found them at a farmer’s market and have since bought more. They are truly great for grocery shopping. Stardust Earth bags are also compostable! I think it’s great because it also ensures that the bag doesn’t turn into landfill once its lifetime is through.» —nativetonashville

Get it from Amazon for $21.95 (available in five styles).


LoveBags «Stash It» Totes


«It has a stretchy stuff sack attached so you don’t need to fold it up carefully to store it. It sounds silly, but I use it more often because I can store it so quickly. It also holds a ton of stuff and has a long comfortable handle so you can sling it over your back and carry multiple bags at once if needed. I keep it in my purse.» —heyprettybird90

Get it from LoveBags for $19.95 (available in a variety of styles).


«ENO (Eagle’s Nest Outfitters) make hammocks, but they also make….GROCERY BAGS! They collapse into the tiniest, cutest lil’ bag of their own and are larger than you’d think when loaded up! The material is thin and strong because it’s made out of parachute material.» —nastysalt62

Get it from Eagle’s Nest Outfitters for $11.95.


The Tom Bihn Zip-Top Shop Bag

Tom Bihn / Via

«The Tom Bihn small zip-top shop bag is my favorite! I have one in ‘wasabi’ and ‘island,’ and I use them for everything from shopping to the gym.» —taeutsler

Get it from Tom Bihn for $50 (available in six colors).


Simple Ecology Organic Cotton Deluxe Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags


«I LOVE the Simple Ecology bags that I got!! They have grocery bags and produce bags, and I’ve been using the same ones for years. Most cheap bags at stores are made of plastic and break easily, but these are all made of cotton and are SUPER durable (like they hold 30–40 pounds of groceries no problem). I get these for family and friends as gifts all the time, I literally cannot recommend these bags highly enough!» —calicakes

Get a three-pack at Amazon form $23.95.

Eco Bags

«Eco bags. Washable, cotton canvas bags that hold as much as you can carry, roll up fairly small, have a nice long handle, and are very durable. I have had and used mine for about eight years now.» —betht403b09245

Get it from Eco Bags for $9.87.


Blue Q Shopping Bags

Blue Q

«I love Blue Q’s bags. They are strong, I can wipe them with cleaner, and they come in fun designs. People always ask where I got mine.» —stephzilla

Get it from Blue Q for $12.99.


Ecozoi Reusable Organic Cotton Grocery Bags


«They have organizer pockets sewn in to the inside of the shell of the bag, which makes it easy to transport a lot of stuff, including glass containers. Also, they can hold 80 pounds and are BIG. For other purchases, one of my many acquired plain canvas bags. I am not one for ‘made from recycled plastic bags’ reusable bags as they tend to rip/ puncture easy.» —bougielamp85

Get it from Amazon for $28.95.


Creative Green Life Box Bags

«They’re a little pricier than average ($28 for 3) but worth it. They hold about the same amount of groceries as 3 plastic bags and they’re sturdy as can be. They fold flat for storage; I have 6 of them on a hanger in my closet. Best part is that they’re square, which offers a couple of advantages: you can pack boxes into every corner so there’s no wasted space, and they stand independently, which means 1) you don’t have to hold them up with one hand and pack or unpack with the other and 2) they NEVER tip over in your car. As a former grocery store cashier they were my favorite bags to work with. Also, my cats love to play on them.» —svenegas09

Get a 3-pack from Amazon for $27.99 (available in four styles).

My Thirty One

«I love My 31 Essential Storage Tote. Not too big that it gets heavy but not so small is squishes your groceries. It has a nice shape that keeps everything in place.» —gingermyha

Get it from My Thirty One for $30.


Poipoico Reusable Produce Bags


«I bought Poipoico reusable produce bags for $7.99 on Amazon and they’re great! Super durable and light and they’re also washable. They come in different sizes so they fit everything you need when it comes to the produce department. I like them because I can keep everything separate to make it easy at checkout and in my fridge at home. 10/10 recommend them.» —katea47f60d135

Get a 12-pack frin Amazon for $7.99.

Walmart / Via, Walmart / Via

«My all time favorite ones are two I got from Walmart oddly that were super cheap but are SUPER durable! I have a red bag and a green bag. One has fruits on it, the other veggies. I always fill the green with fridge/freezer foods and the red with pantry stuff. The two color system helps me a lot, I’m sure you could implement a more complex color system too but it makes unpacking easy!» —shortnsweeet3

Get them from Walmart in stores.


«I have a foldable canvas wagon. I just bring it in the store and use it instead of a cart. Put items on the scanner then back into the wagon. Then wheel it all home.»


Get one from Amazon for $69.98+ (available in two sizes and three colors).

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