Nikki Bella: I have a life coach to help stop ‘meltdowns’

"Чтобы проникнуть в сущность заурядных явлений, требуется весьма незаурядный ум." Альфред Норт Уайтхед ©

Nikki Bella has hired a life coach to prevent herself from having “meltdowns”. The 37-year-old retired professional wrestler has revealed she is in touch with a life coach to help her manage her mental health, because she believes it’s just as important to take care of her body mentally as it is physically. Speaking to the self-care digital issue of SheKnows, she said: «Self-care to me is definitely mental and physical. I feel like mentally, when I’m taken care of, my outsides just look amazing. So I’m very big on meditation. Also I have a life coach. I just feel like we give our cars oil chan…

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