Netflix’s ‘Lupin’ marks rise of international TV content

"Жизнь — игра. Всё зависит от тебя, твои идеи, твои мысли. Нужно только подняться с дивана и идти вперед, пусть медленно, но к вершине!" Фредди Меркьюри ZMEY
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New York (AFP) — The success of the French crime series «Lupin» on Netflix, riding on the heels of hit Spanish show «Money Heist,» may hint at a waning of US dominance on the small screen as ambitious European, Latin American and South Korean players kick down the doors on streaming platforms.  «Ten years ago, 90 percent of creativity was in the United States,» said Pascal Breton, founder and head of the Federation Entertainment production company. «There were some good little local creatives, but it didn’t travel.» But the increase in internet speed, the rise of on-demand television and the e…

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