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"В моем словаре нет слова «невозможно»." Наполеон Бонапарт ZM
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When i was taking a Sociology for Latinos class, it was explained that the reason why many people (who amongst them were of Latino/ Latina/ Latinx/ Latin@/ Hispanic decent) wanted the language to become “gender neutral” to include those that don’t identify with the male or female labels. Up until I took the class I didn’t know about “Latinx” or “Latin@“ (apparently this one was used before the “x”. It has also become acceptable to use “e” instead of “o/a”. Eg: instead of “ellos (masculine for ‘them’)” or “ellas (feminine for ‘them’), “elles” is used.

I don’t believe we will ever, truly, 100% know for sure, but I’m pretty sure this gender neutralization for language (and if you’re offended by this, I apologize in advanced but my intent here isn’t to stir the pot even more) gained traction in a developed country or what used to be formerly known as “1st world”; more specifically, in the US.

Source: one class in a college in a large US city taught by a PhD candidate in sociology.

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