Miriam Elder

"Я не провалил тест. Я просто нашел сто способов написать его неправильно." Бенджамин Франклин ZM
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  • Trump’s Tweets Have Casualties

    “I think it is an act of violence.” As Twitter begins to tackle Trump’s tweets, targets of his harassment speak out.

  • Trump’s Attack On Vote-By-Mail Plans In Key 2020 States Is «Misinformation,» A Top State Official Says

    “There is so much misinformation in those tweets that I don’t know how to weigh any of it other than to simply just cut through and speak the truth,” Michigan’s secretary of state said.

  • Donald Trump Talked About How Much He Loved His Mom On Fox News As News Broke Of Historic Job Losses

    Trump spent the morning where he feels most comfortable — obsessing over perceived personal enemies, rather than a pandemic and economic crisis he is unable to control.

  • She Was A 93-Year-Old «Firecracker» Who Loved Fast Cars And Bingo Before She Died Of The Coronavirus

    On March 27, Ruth Harrington’s ashes were laid to rest at a plot next to her husband — the same day he was buried, in 2006 — and it also was their wedding anniversary.

  • Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Are Just Another Chance For Him To Break Your Brain

    There’s never been anything like Trump’s daily White House press conferences before.

  • The CDC Is Encouraging Americans To Wear Face Coverings In Public. Trump Said He Won’t Wear One.

    Trump emphasized that wearing a mask to slow the spread of the coronavirus is voluntary under a new CDC recommendation.

  • Where Is Joe Biden? Online, Being Drowned Out By The Coronavirus And Trump

    The presidential campaign is now almost completely digital, a space where Biden has long lagged and Trump has flourished.

  • Um enfermeiro postou uma foto angustiante para mostrar que a Covid-19 não é uma «gripezinha»

    «Eu tirei a foto para mostrar às pessoas», disse o enfermeiro do pronto-socorro. «É a realidade assustadora com a qual lidamos.»

  • A Nurse Shared A Harrowing Photo Of COVID-19 Victims To Show How Horrifying The Outbreak Is

    “It is the ghastly reality of what we deal with and where some of us have ended up already,” the New York City nurse said.

  • The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Workers Who Care For The Elderly «Terrified»

    Home health aides are at risk, and many of them are without adequate protection from COVID-19. “We really feel under threat.”