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As an ad player I have to say this:it’s your job to go to a sidelane as a mid after landing phase so you don’t share farm because ad can only farm mid safely.

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Really depends on the champions… some midlaners are also extremely unsafe farming side waves while an ad like Ezreal can pretty safely clear side waves. It’s certainly not “their job” to go farm side lanes, you have to look at your champions to figure out what is optimal.

If you recall the CDC said not to wear masks for the first 2 months and then flip flopped.

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Everyone knows it’s because they wanted to preserve masks for healthcare workers while supplies were extremely low. Since then production has increased to support everyone wearing masks, whether they be cloth or surgical.

The absolute cleanest auto attack sounds.

On practice tool you have like 1 ping because it’s just running on your client and doesn’t need to communicate with 9 other players.

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That’s not true at all, it still communicates all information to the league server in Illinois so the ping in practice tool is accurate. Also your client never sends information directly to other players’ clients it all gets sent to the server then gets distributed from there.

If it’s so fucking shit how come alot of the top spots in challenger is held by adc players, I don’t think the role is as bad as you say, maybe just maybe, you just dont know how to play it. No offense.

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These kinds of things are always different in high elo/pro play when your team knows how to adapt and play around different roles… you can’t compare them to the rest of the player base and say he’s wrong because he’s bad…

Never said he was bad, only stares he might be playing to wrong ie. To aggressive, not aggressive enough. But high elo and pro play camt be compared at all its like two different games, solo queue will always be solo queue. They also play with randoms which might not do what they want and they have to adapt. If he is a better player than most in his elo even when it hard to carry it should be doable. Now I’m not trying to compare it to mid or other roles cause it’s entirely different t playstyles and they do different things and adc players asking for more solo carry potential is asking to be OP imo.

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I think it’s a reasonable ask. And yes pro play and competitive are different but of course they’re comparable in that your teammates now how to play around you as an ADC compared to lower elos. Try playing Aphelios in low elo and you will receive zero peel and either get instantly blow up or be forced to stay out of the fight. Saying “solo queue will always be solo queue” means absolutely nothing lmao. In high elo players know how to peel and play around their carries. You’re right that maybe more solo carry potential might make ADC OP but only in high elo.

He isn’t a problem, you just don’t know how to deal with it.

He doesn’t a have high win rate or ban rate, indicating he is In a good spot which means a rework isn’t due.

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He never said Trynd was a problem? He only said he does not offer any interesting gameplay.

Viruses are cured all the time. What the fuck are you talking about?

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You can vaccinate to prevent viruses but you cannot cure someone that has a virus.

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