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"Жизнь такова, какой мы по своему нашему характеру хотим ее видеть. Мы сами придаем ей форму, как улитка своей раковине." Жюль Ренар ZM
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They’re in on it. Lending out savers money

Apply so you can break that shit🌈🐻.

Watch out JPow is going to shock that plug.

His wife is so hot, that man lucked out.

Bro he cried during that. Did you not feel it?

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Too much money to make off idiots. It’s like sacrificing lamb.

Making 2.6 Billion and 10,000% off dim wits was kinda sad. He is not completely heartless yk.

But it’s the end of civilization.

Do you live in like. Video game universe or something

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I got 30 minutes so basically all day.

“When there’s blood in the market buy even if it’s yours” — The illuminati.

Just a JPow shill tryna build confidence in the market.

There was no Jerome “big Dick” Powell.

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